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Stop Doing What You Hate

Jun 3, 2021

Show highlights include:

  • How to move to an exotic paradise abroad (even if you're dead broke) (1:11)
  • Why putting your kids through college screws up your retirement plan (and how it could make you retire 10-15 years late) (3:10)
  • Why accepting a mediocre job offer after college helps you build your financial portfolio more than waiting for your dream job (5:13)
  • The "One Shot" method that teaches you how to save for your kids college fund (6:41)
  • Why watching a NASCAR race gets you back on track for a wealthy retirement (10:42)
  • The "Pollyanna Dream" that destroys your financial future (and how to keep your money instead) (13:29)
  • How reading mean Tweets allows you to focus on your dreams (14:07)

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