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Stop Doing What You Hate

Jun 2, 2022

Show highlights include:

  • The “economy as a whole” mindset which protects your investments (even as the market plummets) (4:12) 
  • Why wealthy Wall Street investors secretly wish you sell all your stocks (5:55) 
  • How the simple “3 Bucket” strategy lets you buy the dip and grow your wealth as everyone else freaks out (6:25) 
  • Why buying and trading stocks based on your political views bankrupts your portfolio faster than any other way (6:53) 
  • How the media manipulates you into sabotaging your wealth (11:54) 
  • The brutal truth about why only 4% of Americans max can retire with enough money to last the rest of their lives (and how to join this group) (15:32) 

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