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Stop Doing What You Hate

Mar 26, 2020

Highlights from this episode include:

  • The political fluke that accidentally created the entire 401k plan and the $5 trillion industry that surrounds it (2:25)
  • What professional investors do, and how to avoid losing it all when the next “dot-com bubble” rolls around (5:05)
  • The difference between “smart money” and “dumb money” and how not to go broke figuring it out (5:32)
  • These three foundational building blocks make up the world’s most secure retirement plans. How many do you have? (6:34)
  • This part of the 401k code could legally suppress the balance in your retirement account, forcing you to work until you die (7:49)
  • The insidious lie you’ve been told about employer-matching contributions and why they aren’t really “free money” (8:54)
  • These options can make your company’s 401k plan a goldmine… or a money pit. Make sure you get it right. (12:01)
  • These hidden penalties are increasing the cost of college for parents who are just trying to do the best for their children (16:30)
  • How your 401k steals control of your finances from you (21:31)